About Us



The Long Island Blues Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corpora tion dedicated to the furthering of Blues Music and culture as a living art form. We are committed to the spread of live Blues, and the preservation of Blues as a unique American musical tradition. 


The Message

"Support local live blues, it is about showing up."

 - Jim Kolman
Former President - Long Island Blues Society Inc.

The board

The Board

Board meetings held the first Monday of the month 7pm at Sachem Library.
150 Holbrook Rd, Holbrook, NY 11741

Executive Board
Raymond Hauck - President
Jim Kolman - Past President 

Eric Feldstadt - Vice president
Emily Hallock - Treasurer 
Nan Siegler - Secretary

Board Members

Ronnie Shapiro

Joan Gundell Weinstein

Bill Lifford

Committee Chairs

Ronnie Shapiro -  Hospitality and Events
Joan Gundell Weinstein -  Merchandise
Eric Fieldstadt - Event photography
Tony Davenport  - Media

Kathy Caperna - Education

Talk To Us

Long Island Blues Society Inc.   P.O. Box 378 Centereach, NY 11720. Email us at Info@LIBSNY.org

Group, Solo/Duo Members

Solo/Duo Members


     Zenbock & Tibock     


Mikey B. and the Dented Fender

Bandmix-mike B and the Dented Fender

J. Brittany

Josie Wales




Amigo Blues

Felix Slim

Sarah Lewis  https://www.sarahlewis.band/

Phil Kennelty


Join Us

Some members play the blues, some just like to listen to it. Either way, we are supporting the blues as a living art form. Click  and see which membership level works for you.